B2G Consulting presents “Improving the Supply Chain Performance through Benchmarking “. A workshop to examine the best practices in benchmarking, in KSA.

This workshop is designed to provide an overview of the benchmarking practice in Supply Chain Management. Benchmarking is currently one of the most powerful management tools, and will give an edge to your organization against competitors. Measuring the performance of a process is indeed the first step towards its optimization.

This workshop will cover benchmarking based on best practices along the entire Supply Chain, with a particular emphasis on metrics, calculation, and interpretation techniques. It uses a newly developed business case study to provide attendees with initial practice.

Meet us in three locations in Saudi Arabia

Who should attend this workshop?

All executives from Procurement, Supply Chain , Operations, Manufacturing, Distribution, Logistics, Finance and Information System.

For registration to the workshop, please choose your option

Workshop venue

You can also download the registration form and make your payment by telegraphic transfer: click on the following link Registration form: SCM Benchmarking Workshop KSA Tour

Or contact us for more details at workshop@b2g-consulting.com

“B2G Consulting organizes a special workshops tour in KSA to help professionals to benchmark and improve their supply chain performance“

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