B2G Consulting presents “State of Supply Chain Performance in Morocco survey. An exclusive 2011 study to examine the current best practices and future trends in Morocco.

Why the State of Supply Chain Performance survey in Morocco?

This survey is initiated by B2G Consulting in order to assess the supply chain practices in Morocco. It will provide qualitative and quantitative benchmarks for your industry.B2G Consulting is conducting this survey with more than 100 participating companies from a wide range of sectors including Agriculture, Basic Materials, Chemicals, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas, Retail, Telecommunications…

What are the benefits for me and my organization?

After participating to this study, you will receive the full report with the results of the State of the Supply Chain Performance: Morocco Series. This will provide your company with a clear insight of the performance levels of your industry. Benchmarking against other companies helps your organization to understand its competencies and value proposition in the context of the market place and ensures that your organization self-image aligns with reality.

This will provide you with a better understanding of your Supply chain performance as well as insights on which initiatives should be launched to optimize the operational profitability within your organization.

To participate to the survey: Click here

Morocco is a one of the fastest growing markets in North Africa and starts to show the way by developing strong Supply Chain capabilities, Discover how, participate to our survey.

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