B2G Consulting presents the “2014 State of Supply Chain Finance in SEA” survey – an exclusive study to examine the best practices that overcome most challenges companies are facing in South East Asia

Why the State of Supply Chain Finance survey in South East Asia?

This survey is conducted by B2G Consulting in order to assess the supply chain practices used by organizations in South East Asia to improve their financial performance . It will encompass qualitative and quantitative benchmarks for your industry. B2G Consulting has co-operated with more than 120 participating companies from a wide range of sectors including Agriculture, Basic Materials, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverages, Oil & Gas, Retail, Telecommunication etc…

What are the benefits for me and my organization?

After participating in this study, you will receive the full report with the results of the “2014 State of the Supply Chain Finance in South East Asia” survey. This will provide your company with a clear insight of the supply chain finance best practices of your industry.

This will provide you with a better understanding of  the impact of the supply chain management on the financial performance of your organization, as well as insights regarding which improvement initiatives should be implemented based on your specific financial goals.

To participate to the survey: Click here

In an increasingly competitive and complex market, the financial pressure weighting on South East Asian firms has pushed them to explore new ways of unlocking value through the implementation of Supply Chain Finance…Discover How.

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