Maximize risk mitigation, minimize business disruption

Country lockdowns, transport restrictions, supplies and manpower shortage, erratic demand patterns… how do you manage such unexpected, abrupt crises?

Even the best supply chain planning and strategies can fail in face of major crises, and COVID-19 is turning out to be unlike any crisis yet. Travel restrictions and global lockdowns have disrupted supply chains on an unprecedented scale. With nobody knowing the duration and extent of the disruption, business are unable to assess the impact. While curtailed operations are resulting in fast depleting inventories, reduced supply chain activities mean businesses are struggling to meet panicked consumer demands.

Are you struggling to:

  • Identify weak links
    We conduct a rapid diagnosis of your end-to-end supply chain to identify the critical weak links and achieve quick wins through proactive measures (alternative sourcing strategies, fulfilment capabilities, production planning).
  • Conduct a quick turnaround
    Our recovery team will assist you to implement quick turnaround actions to recover current disruptions and avoid future ones.
  • Build crisis scenario
    We create contingency plans which integrate scenario-planning strategies for different demand environments and develop plans for both optimistic and conservative situations.
  • Provide transparency & facilitate efficient communication
    By identifying key information that need to be monitored to provide full visibility of the current situation, we develop a clear strategy for transparent communication with your customers, employees and supply chain partners.

Leverage current crisis to build future resilience

Our proven crisis management capabilities will help you quickly define a contingency plan to protect your business. As supply chain specialists, we will conduct a rapid diagnosis of your end-to-end supply chain to identify the weak links and implement proactive measures. If you are already impacted, we can implement brisk turnaround solutions to recover your supply chain and avoid breakdown. Through rigorous scenario planning exercises and a tailored communication strategy for internal and external stakeholders, we will help you leverage on this disruption by making long-term, strategic adaptations for sustained resilience.

Access to our real time global logistics map to monitor the shipping routes disruption status: click here